Gloucester Resources Limited (GRL) was founded in 2005 and, between March and May 2006, was granted three coal exploration licences (ELs) in the Gloucester Basin. The boundaries of these licence areas, EL6523, EL6524 and EL6563 as originally granted, are shown on the Figure below and applied until the time of the 2013 renewals of the licences. In February 2019, an application for the part cancellation of EL6523 comprising that area north of Jacks and Waukivory Roads was approved by the Division of Resources and Geoscience within the Department of Planning and Environment. In early to mid 2020, applications were lodged for the renewal of components of the other licence areas. The current boundaries of each of EL6523, EL6524 and EL6563 are also shown.

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These licence areas are distinct from neighbouring leases and mining operations associated with the Stratford Mining Complex and the Duralie Coal Mine, both of which are owned by Yancoal Australia Limited.

In 2008, GRL undertook limited exploration activities to supplement earlier work undertaken in the area by companies including BMI and Esso. In early 2010, the ownership and management of GRL changed and the new owners lodged applications to undertake further exploration drilling campaigns. 

Between 2010 and 2019, the new ownership undertook field exploration (drilling) activities in three distinct areas - the Rocky Hill area in the southeast of EL6523 and the Woods Road and South West areas in EL6524 and EL6563, together with geological mapping and deep ground penetrating radar (DGPR) investigations in the Gloucester Tops/Faukland Roads and Spring Creek/Berrico Road areas of ELS 6524 and 6563.

For more information on these exploration programs, please see Exploration.

Consistent with Government requirements, all exploration drilling activities in the area undertaken subsequent to the change in GRL ownership was subject to rigorous assessments of potential impacts and the receipt of Government approval prior to their commencement. Activities such as surface geological mapping and DGPR investigations are considered to be minimal impact activities and do not require any further assessment or approval.

GRL remains in regular contact with the local community through the Gloucester Exploration Program Community Consultation Committee, as well as individual landowners in the region. For more information on the Committee, its Charter, membership and the minutes of the Committee’s meetings, please see Community.

Company Ownership

GRL is wholly owned subsidiary of GRL Holdings Pty Ltd, a privately owned Australian registered company.

The owners of GRL are: 
  • LD Operations Pty. Limited
  • Creek Exploration Pty. Limited
  • The Ross Family Trust
  • AMCI C2 Gloucester Holdings B.V.
  • SSP Resources Gloucester Holdings B.V.